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Through these videos, Virtual Energization offers you a unique feeling that will certainly make a difference in your daily life. There are no counter-indications for patients undergoing medical treatment, and even healthy people should follow this energization plan every day, as it fosters harmony and well-being in general, while strengthening the immune system.

“For millenniums, sorcerers, philosophers, believers and non-believers, artists and scientists have been trying to decipher the puzzle of existence, convinced that the incredible diversity of the natural word has a single origin, which encompasses everything. The essence of this search is the conviction that, in a certain way, everything is interconnected, that there is a unity connecting it all”.

The proof that the existence of Vital Energy, acting in the biologic processe capable of establishing conditions of health and vitality in people, may be considered a new acquisition of science throughout the ages.

It comes from a long time ago the belief in the powers of healing and well being of the Vital Energy, for the benefits of humans and their descendents. Ever since Hippocrates, doctors have believed in the healing powers of this Energy.

Individuals of all faiths, races, ethnic backgrounds and cultures recognize the value of the Vital Energy for the future of human kind.

Transmitting the Vital Energy and acting the force fields of other person, sick or not, are the attribution of beings with exceptional powers, which by nature and intensity of their own energy fields would have this innate capacity, or even have developed it by practice throughout the years.

One of the most impressive examples of the power of transmission of this Energy is the Brazilian therapist, Ronaldo Ayres. His conscious choice of altruistic life and his effective performance of healing, even at distant, is truly worthy of reference and consideration, whether in the scientific field or in any other segment of the human activity. “May be the only limits (or boundaries) to reality are those we believe in”,

“We also learn that we know very little and that what exists will remain beyond our comprehension. Our reach is broad and yet limited”.

Vital Energy establishes healthy and rejuvenating conditions and has proved effective when associated with the official medicine in preventing and treating illnesses, in relieving pain, insomnia and in stress therapy.

Vital Energy, an achievement of the future, is already a reality in the present.

It is possible to send Energy through the television screen, the computer or other virtual methods. You will receive this Energy immediately wherever you are.

The intensity of the positive weaves of the Virtual Energy provides a deep feeling of well being, that may be felt indiscriminately by all people.

Through its power of cellular regeneration, it is specially indicated to the elderly.

Next, we are going to begin the transmission of the Virtual Energy by the therapist Ronaldo Ayres.


Question: At what distance of the screen the person should stay?

Ronaldo Ayres: The person, in your case, could stay at the most convenient distance.

Q: In what position the person should stay to do Virtual energy?

R.A: The person could be seated, standing up or lay down, what is more convenient for you.

Q: Could I use one of my hands?

R.A: During Virtual Energy application you could use your right hand or your left one, what you think is better for you.

Q: A third person could do application for you?

R.A: In the event you are unable physically to do Virtual Energy application, yes, a third healthy person could do the application for you, providing that he or she looked at me at the television screen and follows the instructions I will gave.

We are beginning the Virtual Energy application:

First stage (Looking at the screen)

We are beginning the first step of Virtual Energy application:

Put your hand near your left ear/ or your right hand near your right hear.
Then put down your arm.

Now, put your hand near the middle of your head.
You can put down your arm.

Now, put your hand above your head.
Put down your arm.

Now, put your hand very near your heart.
Put down your arm.

Now, put your hand in the middle of you abdomen.
Put down your arm.

Put your hand again very near your head.
Put down your hand.

Now, put again your hand very near your left hear.
Put down your arm.

In the event you are feeling some pains, put your two hands, one near the other, very close to the point where you are feeling pain. If the pain is in the back, put your hands in front of your body, at, more or less, the point where you are feeling pain.

We are going now to a brief intermission of one minute before begining the next stage.

Second stage (Looking at the screen)

Put your hand near your head.
Put down your arm.

Now, put your hand near your hear.
Now put down your hand.

Put your hand above your head, very near the top of your head.
Put down your hand.

Put your hand near your heart.
Put down your hand.

Now, put your hand in the middle of your breast, very near your breast.

Now, near the middle of your abdomen.

Now, you will put your hand very near the place where you are feeling some pains.

Now, put your hand in the middle of your face.
All right! You could put down your arm.

I would like to remind you that I recommend you to do session of Virtual Energy daily, even though you do not have any healthy problem.


In cases more serious, Ronaldo Ayres recommends to do sessions of Virtual Energy three times daily.


Ronaldo Ayres wishes to thank in particular

Professor Geraldo Sardi, Biophysicist and Parapsychologist
Consultant and contained transfer

Professor Marcelo Gleiser, Physicist, writer and content transfer of his work “Creation imperfect”

Doctor Raoul Pessoa Sobral, Physician and renowned Parapsychologist, and his medical team, for the pioneering research on “Curative Energy”, with the participation of Ronaldo Ayres

Professor Álvaro Goulard, reader of the introducing text on Vital Energy

Rafael Capuzzo Dias, research and picture editing

Michele Corrêa da Costa, for constant support and incentive

Maria Eugenia Stein, Coordination for updating the production of this DVD

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