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About Ronaldo Ayres

Who is Paranormal Ronaldo Ayres?

Ever since his childhood, Ronaldo Ayres has been aware of strange feelings that that were hard to identify, not explained away easily by his relatives. As an adult, he had a powerful sense that he could transmit a type of energy and help treat some types of disease through the healing powers of his hands, with no need to actually touch people. He then contacted the Brazilian Parapsychological Association (ABP), which established a top level medical team headed by respected psychiatrist Dr. Raul Pessoa Sobral, who conducted a rigorous research project focused on Ronaldo Ayres for almost two years.

The main purpose of this scientific investigation was to analyze the healing actions of the paranormal powers of Ronaldo Ayres.

In order to conduct this research project, strict acceptance rules were established for possible patients, including fatal prognostics, advanced neoplasias and brief forecast survival times. Its purpose was to learn whether the energy transmitted by this therapist could alter the course of these diseases.

During the investigation phase, some of his patients reported feeling temperature changes in areas affected by this energization treatment. The intensity of these alterations gradually petered out, as their clinical status improved, reflecting the specific results achieved through this type of therapy.

On completion of the research project, the scientists confirmed evidence proving the paranormal powers of Ronaldo Ayres.

Due to his importance and crucial contributions to the acknowledgement of paranormal powers as a natural phenomenon, this research project was included in the Annals of the Brazilian Parapsychology Association. Ronaldo Ayres is now recognized as one of the most important paranormal therapists in Brazil and the world, helping prove the validity of alternative treatments. Vital energization is now considered as a new scientific acquisition, being researched and applied to an increasing extent, in parallel to a wide variety of more orthodox treatments.

FIND OUT MORE about the work of the Parapsychology Brazilian Association Paramedicine Department

FIND OUT MORE about the work of the Parapsychology Brazilian Association Paramedicine Department

With Ronaldo Ayres as the principal paranormal studied, the Healing Energy research project was presented by Dr. Raoul Pessoa Sobral at the First Congress on Alternative Therapies, held in São Paulo in February 1985

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III Brazilian Parapschychology & Psychotronic CongressRio de Janeiro July 25  28, 1982Brazilian ParapschychologyAssociation 

Rio de Janeiro, August 4, 1982

The Brazilian Parapschychology Association (ABRAP) hereby congratulates you on the success of our III Parapschychology and Psychotronic Congress that has just ended.
Your participation as a sensitive in the work focused on healing energy, pursued for around a year and half, has been invaluable, and the presentation given on the work of the Paramedicine Department was rated as undeniably important, due largely to its pioneering approach, warranting special attention and praise, particularly from other physicians attending this Congress.
Kindly permit us to commend your dedication and efforts in this exhaustive work, also acknowledging your personal merits as a modest and sensitive man endowed with special healing powers that have been confirmed by the medical staff during the progress of the cases under observation.
Neither can we forget the ‘eleventh hour’ when you opened up your private office and established an information desk that also handled registrations for the upcoming Congress, magnanimously acquiring enrolments worth Cr$ 20,000.00 for distribution to people eager to attend but unable to afford the entrance fees.
Dear Board Member, for your humanitarian and spirit of cooperation and all your generosity, please accept this grateful tribute from the Paramedical Department and the Executive Board.

Yours sincerely,

Raul Pessoa Sobral
Executive Vice President

I Latin American Congress on Alternative Therapies
II National Congress on Natural Medicine
II Holistic Therapy Symposium  Rio de Janeiro


I hereby certify that AYRES RONALDO SILVA
presenting a Free Theme on: “The Use of Bioenergy in Therapy”
participated in the I Latin American Congress on Alternative Therapies,
the II National Congress on Natural Medicine and
the II Holistic Therapy Symposium  Rio de Janeiro,
held on September 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17, 1987 at the
Rio Othon Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Honorary President

Executive President




Thesis presented at the III NCPP
Rio de Janeiro, July 1982
Rio Sheraton Hotel


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