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Interview with Anna Sharp and Ronaldo Ayres Part One

Anna Sharp – We are here with Ronaldo Ayres once more as part of the program on the unconscious and the mysteries of the mind, and Ronaldo is one of these mysteries. In the conversation we had in private he didn’t even explain how all this started. Ronaldo, you are one of the greatest healers I know. There are also incredible cases of healing bones, cures for cancer, diseases that are considered incurable. How did all this start for you?

Ronaldo – In the beginning I would feel something strange, but I didn’t know what was happening, until one day I had a powerful intuitive feeling that I could cure certain diseases using my finger or my hand. So what did I do? I got in contact with the Brazilian Parapsychology Association in Rio de Janeiro.

Anna Sharp – How old were you at the time?

Ronaldo – At the time when I got in touch with the Association for research, that was in 1980. So a high level medical team was created, and this very rigorous and very serious research process took almost two years. At the end of their research, the scientists found evidence that led them to the conclusion that there was some possibility of activity in the healing field.

Anna Sharp – Now Ronaldo, you are not a mystic are you?

Ronaldo – No, I am not a mystic, I am a natural therapist. I am paranormal.

Anna Sharp – Healing occurs simply through Ronaldo’s hands, through a beam, a special kind of energy, that comes out… And you don’t know where it comes from do you Ronaldo?

Ronaldo – This energy, they tried to identify it, but unfortunately they weren’t able to. The only conclusion they came to is that it works. But the origin of it is unknown.

Anna Sharp – So Ronaldo tell us a bit about the case of that fifteen year old girl who had a bone tumor, didn’t she, and who was going to have her leg amputated. I would like you to show the x-rays, and there is one interesting detail, Ronaldo also researches himself. So he seeks to document everything about himself in relation to all the cases he has worked with.

Ronaldo – I have to, as a rule, believe in facts, so I underwent this research also to convince myself. The case of this teenage girl, at the time she was fifteen. This was the first case. Since then we have already been able to stop thirteen legs and two arms from being amputated.

Anna Sharp – That’s incredible isn’t it? In this case here, for example. This means in a case where the doctors had recommended amputation.

Ronaldo – At this point the girl was fifteen. She was practicing ballet when she felt a pain in her ankle. So her mother took her to a doctor, the doctor examined her, the family doctor, and he said it was nothing. He prescribed a course of anti-inflammatories and asked her to use a hot compress on it over the following month. After that the disease evolved and the situation became more severe. At this point the girl was taken to a specialist. In the x-ray the specialist saw the growth, a growth means a tumor, you know. She was taken to hospital and had her first operation. It is important to highlight that all the biopsies were performed by the best pathologist in Rio de Janeiro at the time. Then the first operation was done and they extracted the growth. A few months later, the relapse occurred. Relapse means that the tumor has come back, That was the first relapse. Second surgery. In this second surgery apart from the removal of the tumor the doctors also performed a bone graft, and they imagined the situation was under control. But unfortunately it wasn’t. The situation got even worse.

Anna Sharp – And that’s when they got in touch with you?

Ronaldo – Not yet. A few months later they performed the third operation and the second bone graft. The pathologist was one of the best in his field in Rio de Janeiro and in Brazil, and with material taken in the third operation he made the following diagnosis: Tumor with giant cells. The recurring aggressive nature of the tumor makes ample segmental resection recommendable. Do you know what that is? It’s amputation of the leg.

Anna Sharp – It’s the worst diagnosis that someone can… Just a minute, excuse me… this is important to show that it is one of the most terrible diagnoses. No, without showing the name of the person, of course.

Ronaldo – So the surgeon initially didn’t accept such a violent diagnosis, amputating the leg of a fifteen year old girl and started to appeal to last resorts. After almost sixty five days he had an x-ray taken which I have with me here and which I will show, and faced with what the x-ray showed, he wrote an evaluation of all three operations closing with the comments “We recommend surgical procedure with resection” and in brackets “Amputation of the leg”, he stamped it and signed it. The girl was taken to hospital for the amputation but was lucky because her father was a friend of mine. So her father got in touch with me and said “let’s try” because I have to, on principle, promise absolutely nothing.

Anna Sharp – And you also don’t diagnose conditions do you?

Ronaldo – No, I don’t diagnose conditions. I would be committing a crime if I did. Illegal practice of medicine. In fact I only treat patients who are being treated by a doctor and who have already been given a diagnosis. Another important point is that my treatment is not aggressive, it does not conflict with conventional medicine, it runs parallel to it. But going back to the young lady, then her father got in touch with me and I promised absolutely nothing, as I don’t promise to heal anyone. But he decided to take a chance. He asked the doctor, the doctor who was treating the girl, and the doctor was against it. Of course, the doctor was not familiar with this kind of treatment and maybe to protect the girl, maybe to protect her from some crazy practices, recommended to the girl’s father that this should not be done. But what the father said was “He is going to amputate my daughter’s leg in forty days anyway, it’s not going to heal, so I’ll try this treatment.” So we started to perform the treatment. And luckily… this does not mean that all cases will respond in the same way, luckily her body was very receptive to this type of irradiation.

Anna Sharp – This x-ray is one of the most important, most impressive things I have ever seen. How exactly is the procedure done?

Ronaldo – For this treatment, to give you an idea, I don’t touch the patient.

Anna Sharp – What you do is a placement of the hands, isn’t it?

Ronaldo – Oh, yes, of course, I use my finger, my fingers, my hand. It depends on the case. For example, the intracranial tumor that I have here. This patient underwent conventional treatments, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, but unfortunately, none of this worked.

Anna Sharp – And this was an inoperable tumor?

Ronaldo – This was an inoperable tumor because of its position, an intracranial tumor in a position that made surgery impossible. The patient already had a prognosis that indicated limited survival expectation, and so I was requested to provide him with a death with dignity. It was actually a doctor friend of mine who asked me to do this. I explained that my specialty is not giving people death with dignity, but rather life with dignity.

Anna Sharp – Yes that’s very good.

Ronaldo – He underwent the treatment and fortunately responded well. The tumor disappeared.

Anna Sharp – That’s impressive, impressive.

Ronaldo – I have the proof here. This is the tumor case. I don’t know if you will be able to… This is the computerized tomography. So as you can see, these paler points here, and this one here that the arrow is pointing at is the same tumor, because the tomography is like a series of slices of the brain. This is how the patient was before I treated him. Six months after my treatment, he was already working normally, recovering over twelve kilos in weight, and look, he was completely recovered. I mean, there’s an interesting point here, the tumor was not removed. This is because the tumor is not the cause, it is the consequence. To remove the tumor does not mean that you eradicated the problem. What causes the lesion is what’s in the blood stream. That’s why immunotherapy is important.

Anna Sharp – We are approaching the third millennium aren’t we. And it’s important that people don’t run away from these abilities of the mind. Abilities that are not known, that are not proven by conventional medicine but that are completely real. Of course, as in all fields, it is important to separate the wheat from the chaff. This is why I am very careful with the people I bring here. I try to first get ample proof, I send people to undergo treatments and then I bring the person to prove that it is possible. This type of treatment will definitely be widely used in the third millennium. There are also some universities like Stanford University, the medical research department, that are seeking answers about this type of alternative treatment that Ronaldo practices.

Ronaldo – Now I am going to show the public the case with the leg. Look, this is the x-ray. This is the x-ray taken before treatment. The bone was all fragmented. Six months after my treatment, the bone was completely recovered. Because of this, amputation of the leg of the fifteen year old girl was avoided.

Interview with Amaury Júnior and Ronaldo Ayres Part Two

Amaury Junior – Fine, lets get back to our program. Now I am here with Ana Sharp in order to continue the interview with Ronaldo Ayres. Ronaldo, thank you very much for appearing on our program. All of us here at Les Innocents are impressed with meeting you in person. As already mentioned in the first section, Ronaldo heals simply by touching people with his hands, due to his paranormal powers.

Ronaldo – A detail: I don’t touch the patient.

Amaury Junior – You simply put your hands close to the patient.

Ronaldo – About five or six centimeters away.

Amaury Junior – I think that this has not been clearly explained, but Ana Sharp has a question and I am very curious. What about this therapy? Is this therapy for all pathologies, for all diseases?

Ronaldo – The therapy is the same, but a detail in this question of yours is interesting: the patient, in the brain tumor case, I don’t focus only on the brain lesion, I treat the entire body, so the parts that are most severely affected clearly react more.

Amaury Junior – They benefit more.

Ronaldo – They react more, so I send extra power to these points.

Amaury Junior – What are you doing at the moment?

Ronaldo – I am a naturist therapist, and also a researcher.

Amaury Junior – A researcher, that is your job?

Ronaldo – I research, and in parallel to this research I developed an Immuno-Modulator.

Amaury Junior – Immuno-Modulator, what is that?

Ronaldo – A detail: it contains no chemical products and is essentially natural, specifically for strengthening the immunological system.

Amaury Junior – So what it is? Is it a pill?

Ronaldo – No, it is a liquid, a substance that helps trigger the resurgence of immunological agents, meaning that it is very useful for certain diseases, such as cancer in particular.

Amaury Junior – Has it already been tested for AIDS?

Ronaldo – I have already tested it, but I am not really interested. I am testing it for other pathologies.

Amaury Junior – Now Ronaldo, about what you were studying, when you were looking for parapsychologists, when you felt that you had these powers, you contacted…

Ronaldo – I contacted the Brazilian Parapsychology Association, which is a well respected parapsychological research institution.

Amaury Junior – What did they say to you?

Ronaldo – They set up a top level medical team and I was checked out by this team for almost two years. Then they confirmed my powers through clear evidence, taking steps to heal certain diseases.

Amaury Junior – While you are trying to heal a patient, you yourself say that you guarantee nothing, right? How often do things not work out well? Can you perceive it at that time?

Ronaldo – No, my success rate is high, but its not 100%. I make that very clear, because people think that I do something miraculous. I don’t perform miracles, because miracles have no cause. When I treat a sick person and achieve a positive outcome, this is not a miracle, the cause lies precisely in this energy, this therapy.

Amaury Junior – What is your faith?

Ronaldo – I respect all religions, I am Christian, but my religion is my consciousness.

Amaury Junior – So, Ronaldo, I am going to press you a little more here. I asked you to have a message for our viewers. Yesterday evening, we talked about this and you said to me that what you would like was to advise people to look up, as everything comes from above. It is from above everything comes. Would this include extra-terrestrials, flying saucers, things like that, Ronaldo?

Ronaldo – Why not? The suggestion that I offer is very simple: on a starry night, with a beautiful sky, try and look at the universe, out into space, because I believe that it is in space that great solutions may appear, this is what I believe.

Amaury Junior – Have you ever seen flying saucers?

Ronaldo – I believe so, yes, several times.

Amaury Junior – Have you ever been in contact with an extra-terrestrial?

Ronaldo – As a matter of principle, I talk only about what I can prove. For these treatments, the scientific evidence is there, but regarding this question that you are asking me, I could say something more, but I would have no way of proving what I am saying over the air.

Amaury Junior – I firmly believe in all this, and I think people are scared to talk about their experiences, because on the other side there are the skeptics, there are people who sometimes even try to demoralize very serious work through these kinds of details. I understand why people sometimes have this withdrawal reaction and prefer not to talk about their experiences. I wonder if you would feel quite comfortable talking us about this?

Ronaldo – There is much resistance, mainly among the mystics. But I would like to remind the mystics, I think that it is underestimating the capacity of the creator to imagine that it is only on the planet Earth that he placed a single particle of intelligent life.

Amaury Junior – Your powers: do you believe that they come from above?

Ronaldo – What I think is the following: sometimes people ask me if I am an extraterrestrial. But we are all extra-terrestrials, because it seems to me that our origin is interplanetary. Some human beings certainly have this characteristic to a greater extent, but it is natural to human beings.

Amaury Junior – Ronaldo, what about the self-knowledge courses? Do you give self-knowledge courses?

Ronaldo – No, it is Ana Sharp who does this, let’s not get muddled.

Amaury Junior – You don’t share your experiences, you don’t talk to people?

Ronaldo – I do talk to people, and I have already been deeply disappointed.

Amaury Junior – Have you encountered many skeptics in the course of your life? Many stubborn people, many people who….

Ronaldo – Mainly in my family.

Amaury Junior – In your own family? Your wife is here, I would like the camera to focus on her. What’s her name?

Ronaldo – Cláudia.

Amaury Junior – Hello Claudia, thank you for joining us here at Les Innocents. You are not a skeptic (she shakes her head).

Amaury Junior – She is not.

Ronaldo – I come from a very religious family, including my late aunt, who was a Carmelite nun by vocation. She left the Regina Celi parochial school and entered a convent of the Carmelite Order, so you see how difficult it is for them to accept this.

Amaury Junior – And additionally, you were born in Leblon, which is also a difficult place to accept all this.

Ronaldo – In fact, all over Brazil it is very hard to accept these things, you know, because  and this is not a criticism  because Brazilians are extremely mystical. Sometimes they ask me: Ronaldo, have you no religion? You don’t go to church? You don’t belong to any religious organization? And I answer as follows: I know three types of prayer: one is through words, another is through thought, and the third is exactly the way I have found of praying, which is through my work, because when I am trying to save a life, I am trying to ease the suffering of a patient, and at that time I am praying. It is quite true that this is the hardest way.

Amaury Junior – Thank you very much Ronaldo Ayres, the special guest of Ana Sharp, for your final remarks. Well I think what Ronaldo does is quite fantastic, and with all the advice he has given me and that I offer to everyone, let’s start with our hands, let’s start training to cure ourselves, isn’t that right Ronaldo?

Ronaldo – No doubt, of course.

Amaury Junior – Ronaldo, thank you very much.

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Interview with Ana Luiza Paes and Ronaldo Ayres

Workshop Program Series: Vida Vivida

Ana Luiza Paes – Today’s Vida Vivida program features a therapist who has healing powers in his fingers and hands, transmitting positive waves  can you believe this! – through a computer screen or television set. Here with me, the father of Virtual Energization, Ronaldo Ayres.

Ana Luiza Paes – Everything’s fine with you, Ronaldo?

Ronaldo – Everything’s great.

Ana Luiza Paes – It’s a pleasure to welcome you here today.

Ronaldo – Thank you very much.

Ana Luiza Paes – He is going to chat to us and answer questions from people who love watching television. But first of all, let’s focus: here is the life of Ronaldo Ayres.

Narrator – On May 12, 1938 in the City of Rio de Janeiro, Ayres Ronaldo Silva Caldas was born with paranormal gifts. As an adult, through powerful intuition, he discovered the power of healing using only his hands or fingers without touching people, which was confirmed by the Brazilian Parapsychology Association in 1980. Ronaldo was checked out by a team of physicians and parapsychologists for two years. Since then, he has pursued his vocation of helping people through energization. Today, he is today considered one of the most important alternative therapists in Brazil. He is launching a brand-new treatment called Virtual Energization, that can be accessed through tapes and CDs.

Ana Luiza Paes – Ronaldo, everyone has already heard about healing hands, but healing through the computer screen – this is really something new.

Ronaldo – Let me explain to you what inspired me to do develop this technology, which is unparalleled worldwide. People who can actually visit me are privileged individuals, and only very few have this opportunity. So this prompted me to develop Virtual Energization. Through this technology, boundaries have vanished, all a person needs is a computer or a video player, using a CD Rom or the virtual energy tape, in order to have the same chances of trying out this kind of treatment.

Ana Luiza Paes – In order for the person to absorb these positive waves, through either the computer or the television screen, is any preparation needed, some base perhaps, or perhaps this person has to follow some meditation exercise, or focus hard.

Ronaldo – No, it is very simple for you to engage in Virtual Energization through the computer or the television set. All you need do is face the set in a position you prefer: seated, lying down or standing. If you can, wear loose clothes and slip off your shoes for greater comfort, although this really has no other effect at all.

Ana Luiza Paes – No influence whatsoever?

Ronaldo – Not at all.

Ana Luiza Paes – Can two people watch at the same time?

Ronaldo – More than two, as the reception intensity of these positive waves will depend on the sensitivity of the cells to react to this energy, regardless of any…

Ana Luiza Paes – Now with regard to reception: can one person absorb more, while another person gets less? Does this depend on each individual?

Ronaldo – It will depend on the sensitivity of the cells to this energy. It is like music, you may hear a certain song that doesn’t mean anything to you, as it depends on the sensitivity of your cells, your feelings towards the song you are hearing. The energy that I emit is the same thing. There is no need for the person to believe it, for the person to believe in my work, none of this has any influence.

Ana Luiza Paes – Regardless of faith, the person can benefit?

Ronaldo – … Faith in my work.

Ana Luiza Paes – In your work, I mean, the person may benefit?

Ronaldo – But not independently, this will depend solely and exclusively on the sensitivity of the cells of this person to the energy that I emit, which is now available to everyone with access to a computer screen or television set.

Ana Luiza Paes – So what you were saying is that, associated with official medicine, so to speak, this energy has helped many people, it has helped a lot people and now if we absorb these positive waves, regardless of conventional medicine, this can help someone? Can it cure someone?

Ronaldo – I only see patients who are receiving medical treatment.

Ana Luiza Paes – You don’t prescribe medications?

Ronaldo – I don’t prescribe medications, I don’t diagnose, I see only patients receiving medical treatment. I am not now in a position to control or oversee people who have the Virtual Energization video tape or CD Rom. Ideally this type of therapy should continue to be associated with conventional treatment, but I want to make it very clear that Virtual Energization is not only for people who have some disease, it is also very useful for healthy people, because the great secret is not to wait for the disease to appear before seeking treatment. The great secret is prevention, so: Virtual Energization. And let’s assume that your cells react, and as they react your headache vanishes. You arrive home tired and stressed out after a day’s work, and you do your Virtual Energization. Through this, you are protecting your organism and strengthening what is fundamental: your immunological system.

Ana Luiza Paes – Let me go back here to that receptivity aspect. A question that many people are asking, just look here at the screen.

Interviewee – Ronaldo, your healing powers have been proven by the Brazilian Parapyschology Association. If the person is not receptive, is this nevertheless possible?

Ronaldo – I was checked out by a team of physicians and parapsychologists from the Brazilian Parapyschology Association.

Ana Luiza Paes – For two years.

Ronaldo – For practically two years, this was an unparalleled research project. I was the first sensitive in Brazil to be checked out by a team of physicians and parapsychologists. Now with regard to your question on receptivity, whether you believe in me or not has absolutely nothing to do with it. Regardless of whether you have faith in my work or not, even if you have high hopes for my treatment  if your cells are not sensitive to my energy, unfortunately this will make absolutely no difference at all.

Ana Luiza Paes – Not at all?

Ronaldo – Not at all.

Ana Luiza Paes – Let’s take a break here, but Vida Vivida will soon be back with Ronaldo Ayres.

Ana Luiza Paes – Vida Vivida is back today, interviewing Ronaldo Ayres.

Ana Luiza Paes – Ronaldo shall we look at the little screen?

Ronaldo – Sure.

Interviewee – How did you discover that it was possible to heal through the telephone and over the internet?

Ronaldo – Very simple, by researching, testing…

Ana Luiza Paes – Testing?

Ronaldo – Of course. Through curiosity. I tested things out and fortunately they worked, although when I talked about developing the Virtual Energization technology, I was heavily criticized, I received no support from anyone.

Ana Luiza Paes – So it is this energy, let’s call it this force field, which is still today functioning with all the evidence, with so many proven cases, but there are still many people who view it with disbelief, who look at this energy with many doubts.

Ronaldo – There is a lot of prejudice around.

Ana Luiza Paes – Why Ronaldo? Why do you think that?

Ronaldo – It’s not surprising: you see that the Americans and the Russians have already traveled to the Moon so many times, and in the US there are actually clubs of people who believe that Americans never set foot on the Moon, that it was all a publicity stunt, just marketing. So it would also be too much for people to believe in my work.

Ana Luiza Paes – I read that in the USA, and this was some information that really startled me, the Americans have around 425 million consultations with alternative therapists.

Ronaldo – This was published in the O Globo newspaper

Ana Luiza Paes – Right, in fact this figure is higher than for conventional consultations.

Ronaldo – At the time when the Notas column in the O Globo newspaper published this information, it was taken from an article published in one of the most highly respected medical journals in the USA.

Ana Luiza Paes – Now, is there a heavy demand for alternative therapies here in Brazil?

Ronaldo – This has risen significantly, although it is still higher in the USA.

Ana Luiza Paes – Why?

Ronaldo – It has expanded greatly because people are eager to seek treatments that extend beyond the conventional care, alternative treatments. But I always recommend that this should be associated with official treatment.

Ana Luiza Paes – Let’s look at the little screen: there is a question here on the little screen for us.

Interviewee – Ronaldo, I would like to know which diseases you are most successful in treating?

Ronaldo – I have been engaged in these efforts for some 21 years already. During this time, the diseases that have posted the highest success rates are bone diseases, brain lesions, lung lesions and also some blood diseases.

Ana Luiza Paes – Let me talk a bit about your therapy. We’ll move away a little from the CD Rom and cassettes, to talk a little about your therapy. What about these bioenergy applications – how does this work?

Ronaldo – The applications are very simple. For personal application, the person sits down in a chair (a special chair with low back), I put on some soft music and I apply the treatment without touching the person. For example, with a brain tumor, the only discomfort that the person feels is just a feeling of heat, that might be a little intense, in the area around where the problem is located.

Ana Luiza Paes – Is the therapy the same for anyone, for any disease, any pathology?

Ronaldo – The therapy is the same.

Ana Luiza Paes – So what changes is the duration of the treatment?

Ronaldo – The duration of the treatment depends on each case. Each case is individual, each organism reacts in a specific way. For example, I had a case some time ago where I did not have the slightest hope. A young man spent Carnival in Olinda, Pernambuco State, and on Ash Wednesday, there was a street fight as he was leaving the hotel. He was shot by a stray bullet, which hit him in the back. He was lucky, because the bullet was traveling towards his spine and would then have reached his heart, but fortunately the bullet was trapped. The doctors said: there is no way of operating, you will have to learn to live with the pain. The pain was very intense, he was taking powerful analgesics, but this reached the point that not only he, but also his father and mother, were really upset and could not take it anymore. Then his aunt  who was a patient of mine at that time  asked me to try. I admit to you that I had not the slightest hope, I had never treated a case like this. But to my surprise, and theirs, it worked. The pain vanished completely, and today he is a mountain climber, although the bullet is still there.

Ana Luiza Paes – How do you feel after a bioenergy application? Do you feel weakened?

Ronaldo – Oh yes, of course. Depending on the problem, this causes severe depletion.

Ana Luiza Paes – Is it very severe?

Ronaldo – It is very severe. There is a question on the little screen.

Interviewee – Hi Ronaldo, I would like to know the difference between healing with the hands, passing the hands, Reiki and Jorei?

Ronaldo – This is an interesting question, as everything is energy: Jorei, Reiki, passing the hands. Just like soda pop: Pepsi, CocaCola and Fanta are all soft drinks, although their chemical composition and flavors differ. So these are different types of energy. With passing the hands, it is not actually the medium who does this, the medium is simply the channel. As far as I know, passing the hands is energy that is irradiated by a spirit incorporated by the medium. Reiki is a technique that anyone can learn, even during a weekend, it seems, and Jorei is the same thing: the person emits energy, and this is different from my therapy.

Ana Luiza Paes – Why?

Ronaldo – I am a paranormal, unfortunately it is not very easy to have this energy that I have.

Ana Luiza Paes – Do you think that you are privileged?

Ronaldo – I am greatly privileged, just as those who seek treatment with me achieve good results.

Ana Luiza Paes – Vida Vivida will be back with plenty more, so don’t go away!

Ana Luiza Paes – We are back with the last section of Vida Vivida today, interviewing Ronaldo Ayres. Ronaldo, the little screen …

Interviewee – Ronaldo, is there anyone else like you in your family, with paranormal powers?

Ronaldo – Yes. This power that I prefer to call a genetic characteristic is also apparent in my youngest daughter, who is today 13 years old, as well as my elder brother who is 65 years old now, and also my younger brother, who died at the age of 32.

Ana Luiza Paes – Ronaldo, is a person born with this gift, or do you think that these powers can be developed through appropriate exercises?

Ronaldo – I think that you are born with this genetic characteristic, nobody can become a Pavarotti, a Ronaldinho, or an Ayrton Senna. These people are born with these characteristics. You can try exercising, but if you don’t have this gift, as you call it, this will not do any good, all it will do is cause frustration.

Ana Luiza Paes – When you were a child, when you began to feel that you really had something strange, something different about you, with very strong intuitions and feelings, did you ever mention this to anyone? Did you seek anyone out at that time?

Ronaldo – Not at the time, no, mainly because my family was very religious, and since childhood I have been aware of the need to withdraw on certain occasions, to move away from other children. But I never worried my parents, because I was always very healthy. Since I was small I have played a lot of sports, but it was only as an adult that I because aware of this possibility of being useful.

Ana Luiza Paes – Right, you have proven cases.

Ronaldo – My cases are proven. The first case that I had, which avoided amputating a leg, was a teenage girl who was fifteen years old at the time. She underwent three operations, the last two with bone grafts, which unfortunately failed. It was recommended that her leg be amputated, but she was lucky because her father was a friend of a friend of mine, who asked for me help, and suggested that her father contact me. When we were talking for the first time, I said: let’s try, because one of my principles is not to promise anything at all. So he said: I’ll try, because it makes not difference if they amputate my daughter’s leg in ten days or forty days. It’s not going to make any difference at all. So let’s try. We did and fortunately we were successful. This does not mean that all cases will react in the same way. However, we avoided a leg amputation for a fifteen year old girl, this was the first case.

Ana Luiza Paes – This was the first case?

Ronaldo – This was the first case.

Ana Luiza Paes – Have you had other cases, in addition to this?

Ronaldo – We have avoided the amputation of some twelve or thirteen legs and arms. But that is nothing. I have been engaged in this work for 21 years, and I even think that this is a small number.

Ana Luiza Paes – Let’s talk a bit about the CD Rom and this video that you want to launch now, precisely to carry your message, your energy.

Ronaldo – Through this Virtual Energization CD Rom, anyone who has a computer at home or in the office can benefit from this energy that I give off, regardless of my personal presence, in future I will also launch a videotape  do you know why? Because there are very few computers in Brazil, but almost 80% of the population has a video cassette player, particularly the needier segments of the population, who are my main target, as I believe that most of the underprivileged segments of the Brazilian population has never had the opportunity to try alternative therapy. And from now on, they will be able to do so.

Ana Luiza Paes – Right people, this was today’s Vida Vivida. I would like to thank you for joining us here today, it was great, asking you to close with a message. But before that, I want to thank the people who participated through the small screen, as well as our viewers at home who have just watched this interview with Ronaldo Ayres, asking you to send in suggestions for the program. Send an email to by the next program. Over to you, Ronaldo.

Ronaldo – I would like to take advantage of this opportunity and offer a suggestion to all of the viewers and listening to me right now. Try to look into space, at the universe, because I believe that great solutions may well come from space.

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