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Personal or Virtual Energy

This is the generation and preservation of a source of energy, of electromagnetic fields, transmitted by my image or person in long low frequency waves through videos screened on the computer or television set, or through fixed or mobile telephones.

It acts on the mitochondria, which are cell structures serving as cell energy plants.

In order to transmit Virtual Energy over the computer or the television set, it is necessary to use the DVD for this technology.

The same process is generated to transmit Personal Energy over a fixed or mobile telephone to any point on the planet. These signals can travel long distances.

Virtual Energy is also transmitted through mobile telephone screens, thanks to 3G devices and the latest technology which can transmit Virtual Energy through iPods, tablets and even the YouTube website.

In other words, users can access and view the Virtual Energy video wherever they wish.

Therapy of the future today

Do you believe it is possible to transmit energy through videos shown on a television set or computer screen? Through fixed or mobile telephones?

Do you believe it is possible to receive this energy instantly?

If you say that you don’t believe this, that’s fine, because it is something incredible!

However, may I suggest that you try something?

This technology presents Therapist Ronaldo Ayres, broadcasting Personal or Virtual Energy waves through videos viewed on television sets or computer screens or on fixed or mobile telephones, that are received instantly by you at your home, office or company, wherever you may be.

Unparalleled energy therapy!

Personal or Virtual Energy has proven very useful when associated with Official Medicine, in the prevention and treatment of diseases, as well as easing pain, helping insomnia and in stress therapy.

The intensity of the reception of the positive Personal or Virtual Energy waves varies from person to person.

Through these videos, Virtual Energization offers you a unique feeling that will certainly make a difference in your daily life. There are no counter-indications for patients undergoing medical treatment, and even healthy people should follow this energization plan every day, as it fosters harmony and well-being in general, while strengthening the immune system.

Learn more about Vital Energy, watching videos in full by accessing Online Therapy.

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